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- Security cameras are commonly seen in many commercial centers
- This system is very easy to install
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If you want to protect your business or property with the best security systems then think about using Avigilon. With CCTV systems that are second to none you can be sure that your property will be safe from intruders. Even better, the footage is so high quality that you can be sure it will serve as adequate evidence should you need it. 

There are a range of CCTV solutions you can choose from in order to secure your premises. You can get unparalleled image detail with these surveillance systems which are high definition and designed to the highest technical standards. With award winning software from Avigilon CCTV you can be safe in the knowledge that you are in the best hands. You can expect a broad range of mega pixel cameras, all of which will deliver you superior image quality so that you can sleep easy knowing that your property is safe. 

Avigilon CCTV offers you maximum coverage of your property so that nothing goes amiss. These systems include technology which preserves image integrity. By using visually lossless compression you will get the best quality. On top of this, these systems intelligently manage bandwidth and storage.

With this technology you can expect to get your hands on a system which is smart as well as intuitive and easy to use. You can find scene changes as well as hone in on events with these systems which are not only quick but high definition. You will also get full control over surveillance which has video playback. This means that you can easily and quickly retrieve evidence and speed up your investigations.

Many people also choose to use IP CCTV these days as it gives them high performance technology. These systems turn images and audio into data so that they can then be transmitted over a network or Internet connection. This has many benefits with one of the main advantages being the flexibility, performance and easy installation which you cannot get with analogue CCTV.

With IP CCTV you can get better camera performance where there is no theoretical limit to resolution because of the audio and images being converted to data. This means that you get precision thanks to megapixel resolution which is at least three times better quality than normal analogue cameras.

You can also get easier system installation thanks to these IP systems working over existing IP networks whether theyre wired or wireless. This means that the systems are simpler with less disruption caused and the time taken to install them is therefore reduced. IP cameras do not even need their own power sources as they can be powered using a network cable.

IP systems are also incredibly popular as they offer you better value than ordinary analogue systems. These cameras require an IP camera which is connected to an internet connection. Pricing is often equivalent to analogue systems and with the easy set up and low energy usage of these cameras, they are often more economical than the traditional solutions.

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 CCTV has become broadly available to the public Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

CCTV has become broadly available to the public in recent times and cheap home security is no longer just for huge corporations.

When we say cheap home security, it is meant in an optimistic manor whereby affordability and availability to the masses is the key issue.

You will be surprised at how much apparatus you will get for your money at present. If you want to talk money, I would say that 300 to 500 pounds would buy you some very good kit including a good spec DVR with 4 Internal/External cameras with Infrared.

So where do we begin to put together your cheap home security system?

Stage 1 - Decide how many cameras you need

Do the cameras have to be internal or external and is infrared required? Most of the CCTV cameras set up these days are available for external use with infrared bundled as standard and lots of companies are offering a bundled deal of 2 to 8 cameras with a DVR for a very sensible price.

Our recommendation is to try and buy like this if you require numerous cameras for your cheap home security system.

Stage 2 - Decide what sort of DVR (Digital Video Recorder) you need

There are so many diverse options on the market our advice is to keep it simple. At least that is if you want your cheap home security system to stay cheap!

A simple 80GB hard drive is a fine start and you will get around 7 days of continuous recordings on this dependant on the resolution settings that you have configured.

Some drives come with various backup options for you to transfer your recordings on to including CD burners, USB inputs and Ethernet ports for backup to your PC.

Obviously an integrated CD burner is a fantastic option but can push the price up a tiny bit. That said, the home user doesnt tend to want to look back over months of video recording so the DVR on a 7 to 30 day loop suits most users perfectly.

This means that when a Hard Drive in the DVR becomes jam-packed the system will simply loop and start recording over the oldest footage again. In effect this is a really popular option and the most convenient cheap home security setup.

Stage 3 - Your Accessories

So you have chosen the best cheap home security equipment for your needs and are ready to buy. Dont forget the accessories! You need to ensure that you have enough coax cable to run to the cameras to begin with.

You can purchase this in pre terminated lengths with all the compulsory connectors on the end or if you are feeling up to it, you can crimp the ends with the BNC heads yourself. You will need the correct tools to do this though.

Also keep in mind that we are one of the only sites to go in to detail about the benefits of wiring with CAT5 cable as this will negate the need for a local power supply by every camera.

Check if the cameras all come with the power adaptors and all come with the wall mounting kits. make sure your DVR has a VGA out put.

This will allow you to see the cameras through a standard PC monitor which you can pick up really cheaply. If it doesnt there are small converters that you can buy to do the work.

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